better blogging…

…please understand this before you read any further…I am not going to be giving you tips on better blogging in this post. i am blogging right now because i often find myself bewildered by the blog-o-sphere and am trying to get better at it all and the best way to get better at something is by doing. it’s learning to juggle and knowing that you will drop something – inevitably it will be expensive and it will be something expensive you thought you could handle from your lover’s/wife’s/roomie’s kitchen.

so i juggle. one two three


there’s a great article in the Miami Herald regarding episodic theater and a troupe working down there called Foryoucansee Theater. – It’s a vibe I’ve been looking at for this little venture of mine. Theater as an experience and a kick and a party – as well being ART, damnit!

I love the idea that a character or characters can develop for an audience in something like television. From BATTLESTAR to SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE – the opportunity that television allows you to tell a tale. characters and stories – they develop over time. they develop as the writers and actors figure out what to do with them?

and why don’t we do this with theater??? why??? theater has one thing television does not – it has proximity! It has prox-fucking-imity. the audience is breathing the same air as the characters. that is something you can’t get with television. we can blog about characters on tv – but we can stand up at a show and tell the actual actors that we love them – or that their characters – or their performances – suck! woo hoo. bring it on. that’s theater.

most people have become overwhelmed by the cost of theater-going or – and a lot of theater artists still won’t cop to this – the pretense of the whole thing. It’s so fucking pretentious. I know. so many of us dreamt of being Olivier…and forgot that even Olivier had to do “Marathon Man” to pay bills and it was a great fucking performance. my hat off to these boys in Miami who took the spirit of their target audience and gave them something solid – and did it with panache.

above photo by (i think) MATT BERKOWITZ


~ by saturdaysinthedark on November 13, 2009.

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