give ’em hell, gandalf!!!

fantastic interview with ian mckellen regarding the remake of “THE PRISONER” – which goes out on AMC tonight. Anybody else out there a huge fan of the original series???

Of course – this being McKellen – he’s got a few choice words about organized religion and gay rights.

From the article (full article)

“I increasingly see organized religion as actually my enemy. They treat me as their enemy,” said the British actor, who came out 20 years ago. “Not all Christians, of course. Not all Jews, not all Muslims. But the leaders. . . . Why should I take the judgment of a declared celibate about my sexual needs? He’s basing his judgment on laws that would fit life in the Bronze Age. So if I’m lost to God, organized religion is to blame.”

In terms of “THE PRISONER” – it’s one of the most influential television landmarks.

“LOST” steals so much (affectionately I imagine) from this compelling, slightly oddball t.v. of the late 60’s. Instead of a smoke monster – there was a devious balloon that would pursue, ensnare, and engulf anyone who tried to escape from the Village (the strange, idyllic prison that the title-character was held against his will).

“THE PRISONER” goes out tonight at 8pm EST on AMC.


~ by saturdaysinthedark on November 15, 2009.

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