of course “Oleanna” is closing on B’Way…

…in this economy – who wants to spend $76-$116 to see a play they could see at a local college production for $20. Is it the cast? They’re lovely actors – but how many Bill Pullman / Julia Stiles star-fuckers are there out there, really???

full NY TIMES article on “Oleanna”
and the LA TIMES

The more I work in NYC theater – the more I wonder – how is an industry that is supposedly the bastion of risk-taking expected to survive when it’s doing countless revivals starring television actors whose draw is not their talent, but the fact that they starred on [insert movie/TV show here]-

– and a musical of fucking “SPIDERMAN?”

give me kander and ebb’s new musical any day of the week…

read about it here

…before i have to watch FOY fly Spidey around on a Broadway stage while singing tunes written by Bono…

read about spider-man being delayed here

…and it’s not that I have anything against Spidey or Bono per se – grew up on Marvel and THE JOSHUA TREE – I JUST WANT SOMETHING NEW AND SURPRISING!!!! I don’t want remakes and revivals when there’s so many talented writers with new ideas and new vantage points.


~ by saturdaysinthedark on November 17, 2009.

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