Roy Scheider – Posthumous Oscar Nomination? Hell Yeah!

2010-onesheetThe first thing I remember seeing Roy Scheider in wasn’t JAWS or THE FRENCH CONNECTION or BLUE THUNDER or ALL THAT JAZZ.


There was the essence of my own father in his face. Scheider’s persona was often a tortured father-figure – no doubt about that. An aura he took full advantage of in THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS.

Roy Scheider portrait edit

2010 has stuck with me throughout the years. It may not have the artistry and – at times very obscure and frustratingly vague – beauty of the original Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it has Arthur C. Clarke’s wonderful meditations of what our status and standing in the universe might be.

Alien contact as a reflection on the meaning of life and humanity. 2010 was more straightforward that its predecessor 2001 – a film I quickly fell in love with shortly after seeing the sequel – but – yes – 2010 was much more a straightforward telling of a rescue, recovery mission to Jupiter – the mystery of what became of the protagonist of the first film still lingering. Being straightforward is not a criticism. While Kubrick examined large issues of humanity – Clarke examined individuals and their intimate concerns.

Scheider’s performance is wonderful.

And then – of course – I saw JAWS!

Dear GOD!!! What a movie. Terrified! TERRIFIED I WAS. Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

My friend Seret and I shared a moment on the phone the day he passed away.

He’s an actor we would miss terribly.


I read this afternoon in the L.A. TIMES there’s talk of campaigning to get his last film an Oscar nomination for his performance.

And while I think the whole Oscar thing is a bit ridiculous – and I have pretty much joined the women and gay friends in my life by watching the Award show to basically just see what everyone ends up wearing – I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little part of me that would LOVE to see the man get a posthumous Oscar nomination.

And – sweeter than anything – get a posthumous Oscar nomination is the year 2010.

Fingers crossed.


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