where’s my Art-Deco jet-pack?

Teleportation by 2025…maybe.

But where’s the fun in that if there’s no Art-Deco, Rocketeer-styled jet-pack…?
rocketeer blog
Continuing our QUANTUM COMPUTER CRASH/COLLISION COURSE – to get your tech juices flowing for our upcoming performance of quantum curio BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL on March 27th – here’s a great little post by Marc Saltzman detailing some predictions by Dave Evans – chief futurist at CISCO – who does predict COMMERCIAL QUANTUM COMPUTERS BY 2020!

Click here for for technological predictions from CISCO – including the assertion that, by the year 2020, a $1000 computer will have the same raw capacity to process info as the human brain does.

Shit. I already feel my computer is smarter than me.

Teleportation at the particulate level is predicted to be happening by 2025.


What fun is the future if there’s no Art-Deco jet-pack???


~ by saturdaysinthedark on February 22, 2010.

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