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Look long and lovingly at your iMac – it may be a thing of the past by decade’s end if Omar El Akkad from THE GLOBE AND MAIL is right.

IBM is doing some crazy shit right now with “peta-scale computers.”

What’s a peta-scale computer?

According to the article

“To get a sense of how fast a peta-scale computer is, think of every human being on Earth doing a million calculations each. A peta-scale computer can do that every second. This is the kind of computer you use if you want to measure what every atom in a person’s digestive system is doing, or if you are trying to predict what the Earth’s climate will look like in 100 years.”

And I was just thinking that my old tube television was a pretty nifty little piece of machinery.

The article also has a great discussion on MOORE’S LAW – which basically says that technology is going to quickly reach a point where the computer becomes so small – it can’t operate anymore unless it starts to address quantum reality.

Because the computer is starting to dwell in a region where the laws of physics drastically change.

Crazy, crazy shit.


~ by saturdaysinthedark on February 24, 2010.

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