building a NUTSHELL

We staged a very informal first reading of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL last night at friend and guest blogger Matthew Resnick’s place in Brooklyn.

We hand-picked a small audience to come out and give thoughts and impressions. Great discussion. And great insight into what needs to be worked on for our performance in March.

Thanks to all who came out and helped last night.

Photos by Kirsten Wolf below.

Nick Luckenbaugh performs WHEAT WILL WIN THE WAR by Joshua Cox.

Nick with flashlight1

Nick with flashlight2

Nick with flashlight5

Nick with flashlight3

Nick with flashlight4

Nick Luckenbaugh and Molly Roberson perform Part One of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL by Jason C Stuart.

molly and nick1

molly and nick2

Angela Gant performs Part Two of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL

Angela with flashlight1

Angela with beer1

Angela with flashlight3

Angela with flashlight4

Joshua Cox performs Part Three of BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL.

Josh with hat3


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