Zombies Devour Hamilton Heights

Zombie Silhouette

Thanks to all who came out for ZOMBIES DEVOUR HAMILTON HEIGHTS. Fantastic photos taken by Thomas Dougherty


Zombie Daycare Pt. 2

(Pictured above) Jason performs ZOMBIE DAY CARE.

Josh and Nick in The Egyptian 2

Josh and Nick in The Egyptian

(Pictured above) Nick Luckenbaugh and Joshua Cox perform THE EGYPTIAN ON MAGNOLIA by Scott Hardgrove.

Angela as Zombie

(Pictured above) Angela Gant performs in VENGIES by Mallory Westfall.

Jamie in Vengies

(Pictured above) Jamie Hogue performs in VENGIES by Mallory Westfall.

Josh in Vengies

(Pictured above) Joshua Cox gets eaten by VENGIES.

Molly in The Devil's Backwash

Molly in Silhouette

(Pictured above) Molly Roberson performs HOW THE GLEANER FACED SOME HISTORY AND ZOMBIES by Chris Caruso.

Jamie in Zombie-logue 2

Jamie in Zombie-logue 3

(Pictured above) Jamie Hogue hijacks the show with ZOMBIE-LOGUE a.k.a. DENVER BILL by Joshua Cox.


DJ Rez 1

The Party 2

Chris stands tall

Zombies come for the dog

Thanks to all who came. See you in June.
(P.S. Yes. Zombie hands came for the dog, but luckily she escaped in the nick of time.)


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