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SATURDAYS IN THE DARK is an emerging series of live performances intended to explore genres and styles that are often neglected by the theatrical mainstream. Past performances have included plays, dramatic readings, and movement pieces steeped in gothic horror, science fiction, psychological thriller, and good, old fashioned roman noir.

IMG_1892SATURDAYS IN THE DARK is the brainchild of writer and performer Jason C Stuart.

Jason is Playwright-In-Residence for FIST IN THE POCKET THEATER and former Playwright-In-Residence for the COLLIN THEATER CENTER. His credits include Drama Desk Nominated “WASHING MACHINE,” ATHE Award Nominated “THROUGH A GLASS ONION,” and generally well-liked “THE MONOLOGUIST,” his self-penned, self-performed deliberation on chatting up girls, theories of mathematical convergence, and the beauty of Astroland (may it Rest In Peace).

His musical theater piece “BUSKER” – loosely based on his experiences working as a street performer while in college – was a participant in the Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab. He has also headed the Critical Theater Writing Panel for the American College Theater Festival, Region VI.

BUT, his greatest accomplishment was getting the chance to sing Pogues covers at one of the recent Annual Irish Rock Revues at the legendary Bowery Ballroom. He certainly feels this might be the coolest credit in this entire bio.


TIME OUT NY hailed his last production “WASHING MACHINE” as “audaciously entertaining.”

However, his favorite review of his work was for his sophomore effort, “SKETCHES AND STRINGS,” which he wrote at the grand old age of 23 and the Dallas Morning News’ notorious TOM SIME deemed “almost insufferable.” He is grateful he got his first major newspaper review AND major pan out of the way simultaneously while he was still young.


He has to confess – if he was a MUPPET he would probably be Animal – although sometimes he would be Floyd.


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