“We’ll meet at the theater tonight.
I’ll hold your seat ’til you get there;
once you get there … you’re on your own.”

— Groucho Marx

YOU – THE AUDIENCE are so important to what we do! YOU are the reason we create shows and tell stories. Your joy and your laughter and your pathos is what we do all this for. And – in these tough economic times – we ask for YOUR HELP!

Theater is unique. The artists and audiences have a relationship that has never been duplicated or matched in any other story-telling medium.

It’s a vital thing we have with the audience because theater – at its ESSENCE – doesn’t happen over a blog or a VPN or a social networking website.

It happens in a room with an actor, an audience, and an idea that has to be expressed. It’s immediate. It’s vital. It’s viral. It’s elegantly ancient and – at the same time – ferociously contemporary.

And while all of the above mentioned technological tools and toys are wonderfully helpful to our work – the basic necessities of what we do are essentially these: artists to create a “happening,” a stage for the “happening,” and a place for the audience to see the “happening.”

And while these things are simple – they do cost money.

And in these difficult times – we find that theater is more important now than ever because it embraces the importance of what’s been done in the past while always striving to figure out what else can be done in the future.

Your financial contributions help create new, relevant, and exciting works. Your contributions help nurture new emerging voices. Your contributions help sustain exhilarating artistry that is just as important in the 21st Century as it’s ever been.

Please contact us at if you would like to make a safe and secure financial contribution.

Thanks – and we’ll see you at the next performance in early 2010!


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