Rather nice things said about Jason’s recent production of “WASHING MACHINE” with Director Michael Chamberlin and Actress Dana Berger.

dana in machine

“Jason Stuart and Michael Chamberlin’s loose retelling of a five-year-old’s tragic death inside a washing machine is audaciously entertaining…calling to mind Clay McLeod Chapman’s grisly beauty…”

“Jason Stuart’s absorbing solo play [is] interested less in asking us to decide what happened and more in depicting…the profound effect that the loss of one life has on the community. Lively and intelligent. Avoids sentimentality and instead strives for (and achieves) a cumulative emotional power.”

“Jason Stuart’s inventive script…gives each role tantalizing bits of back-story that present wonderful acting opportunities to the single performer it’s designed for. An absolute must-see for anyone who values theater’s extraordinary power.”

“Jason Stuart’s absorbing and disturbing creation [is] a theatrical event you will never forget.”

“Powerful and moving.”

Above photo by Michelle Enfield


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